Five steps to identify real IC chips
When it comes to the authenticity of original electronic components, IC chips simply need to distinguish whether the components are original or new. The term "bulk new goods" here refers to refurbished or disassembled parts, which are processed and reprocessed devices, so people in the industry generally call them "bulk new goods". At the same price, everyone wants to buy new and functional devices, so it requires some common sense to distinguish which are original new products and which are what we call bulk new products.
10 Tips to Save on PCB Costs
How to save PCB costs? 10 Tips You'll want to know Making low-cost PCBS is not easy and requires a lot of machines, manpower, and process to make it all happen. But your concerns may be different, and you need to get your board back in time while saving some money in the process. This is the reason MADPCB is here to help you avoid any unnecessary complexity and errors in your PCB design that can take a lot of PCB manufacturing time from your wallet. So, without further ado, here we've rounded up 10 practical tips that will guarantee you'll save money on your next trip to a fab house.
Do you know the production difficulty of multi-layer PCB proofing?
Multi-layer PCB board in communication, medical, industrial control, security, automotive, electric power, aviation, military, computer peripherals, and other fields as the "core body", product functions are more and more, traces are denser and denser, so relatively speaking, the production is more and more difficult.
What is PCB BOM management? How can it be used to increase productivity?
The beginning of the PCB manufacturing process includes listing the components, sub-component assembly, etc. that are required in production. In other words, create a list of materials commonly known as a BOM.
What is an integrated circuit?


[Semiconductor Glossary] Integrated Circuit (IC)

What is an integrated circuit?

 An integrated circuit (IC), sometimes referred to as a chip, microchip, or microelectronic circuit, is a nanoscale electronic component or system in which multiple electronic circuit elements are combined in a non-separable manner on a single circuit board or with the board itself. Transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and other complex electrical components are precisely manufactured to fit a circuit in a semiconductor. So instead of using one semiconductor per section, tens of thousands of them are aggregated and stacked on top of the silicone surface. They are "clustered and stacked", in other words, "integrated", which is why it is called an integrated circuit (IC). In 1958, an American engineer named Jack Kilby of TI invented the integrated circuit (IC). With the progress of technology, circuit integration in semiconductors has been developed into SSI, MSI, LSI, VLSI, ULSI, and so on. Integrated circuits can act as amplifiers, oscillators, timers, counters, logic gates, computer memory, microcontrollers, or microprocessors. Integrated circuits are the basic building blocks of all modern electronic devices. As the name suggests, it is an integrated system in which multiple tiny interconnected components are embedded in a thin substrate of semiconductor material, usually a silicon crystal.