Pursue win-win customer first

Founded in Shenzhen, OnePcba provides customers with comprehensive services of PCB, SMT, PCBA and components, and OnePcba was certified with ISO9001. Whether a sample order, small batch, or large order, OnePcba provides different strategies to meet the customer's request with rapid response and high-level quality.


How to guarantee the quality

For PCBA inspection and testing:  OnePcba has AOI, X-ray, ICT, and LRC but is not limited to this testing equipment which is a solid base for the high requirements of quality. For Electronic components inspection and testing:

1. With a solid supply chain base to ensure substitute sources of components.

2. Comprehensive and completed IQC inspection procedure and system for incoming materials, AQL sampling inspection, microscope, X-ray, LRC, and open lid observation inspection method,  Verifying the authenticity of components by means of appearance checking, internal circuit diagram, and wafer comparison.

3. OnePcba has Constant temperature and humidity anti-static warehouse


More Advantages in purchasing electronic components

OnePcba offers electronic components at a competitive price and also provides a substitute and solid supply chain. Compared with an individual company, we have built solid cooperation with the global network of electronic component manufacturers and also with agents through centralized procurement, so as to obtain the advantages of continuous and reliable supply and competitive prices. Welcome your inquiry if having any of the components, we will provide you with a reliable and stable components supply service.



* Years of work experience, familiar with every PCB assembly process.
* Complete industrial chain with dual advantages of price and quality.
* 100%test, including but not limited to 3D SPI, AOI, X-Ray.